What or Who is Magen?

When I was around 15 years old, a friend of mine and me started writing a text-based game. Think something in the line of old Sierra text-games, but a lot more amateurish, of course. It was set on a fantasy medieval world, with two main kingdoms (it reeeeeeeally sounds original, eh?). One of that kingdoms was called Magen and most of the early game (we never got to complete the project) happened there.

We got the name from the color magenta, that we used for the title screen and during the game to show vitals. We didn’t manage to go far with the game, but I liked the name and began using it for characters in a bunch of single-player games.

Years later, when I was starting with EVE Online, I decided to create a second character (that became my main till today). It would be joining a PVP corporation and I would play it basically as a soldier, so I named him “Magen Sisen”. The last name was short for “SΓ­, SeΓ±or”, spanish for “Yes, Sir” pointing to this soldier orientation.


Since then, I’ve had a character named Magen Sisen (or some variation) on almost any MMO I’ve tried.


So… Magen is a location, a character name, a memory of an old friend, a nick and now a blog. Not bad for just five letters πŸ™‚

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