Seems like yesterday…

…but actually was about 11 years ago when I had my first contact with an MMO.

Some day around June 2007 I started a free trial on WoW and a few days later did the same on EVE Online. It would be difficult to find two more different beasts, and I kind of enjoyed both for different reasons.

Once the trials ended, it was the time to make a decision. At the time buying and paying a subscription to two games at the same time would have been stretching the wallet too much. Given that I barely knew what I was doing or what I was supposed to do I decided to start with WoW, that was fully translated to Spanish, and had spanish servers, avoiding the language barrier.

It didn’t took long after I went back to Eve Online. The oldest character that I still use (as an alter) was created in August 2007.

During all this time I’ve played a lot of different MMOs and of course, a lot of different games from a bunch of different styles, mainly RPGs and simulators. But, somehow, I tend to come back to my roots (EVE, mostly). I’ve played (and enjoyed) big groups, small groups, sometimes solo… But even playing solo, an MMO has something that no single-player game has.

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