To boldly go…

It’s done. I’ve joined the Blaugust Reborn.



A bit of background

I used to have a blog. Back in the days before Twitter and Facebook, before having a smartphone online 24/7… I used to post about a lot of different areas: politics, local news, jokes… anything could go. Most of the people visiting were also bloggers, we knew each other and most of the time the comments were clear of trolls and flamewars (but full of friendly jokes and puns).

But at a certain moment, I switched jobs and suddenly I had to take care of what I would express because both coworkers and clients would come to the blog from time to time. This, coupled with an increased rate of trolling and spam led me to write less and less and, eventually, closing the blog.

I still have backups, and I’ve been thinking about resurrecting it from time to time but, in the end, I think it wouldn’t be the same. And if it’s not the same, it may be better to do a different blog.

Now, I decided some time ago that I wanted to come back to writing a blog and the blog would be about games, mainly MMOs. I went to write some introductory post while trying to decide more precisely what kind of blog it would be: Roleplaying with my characters, game guides, … In the end, I’ve decided to let it be more generalistic. It’s a blog about gaming, MMO gaming. Nothing less, nothing more. We’ll see where it goes from here.

And the second big decision was to write it in English. As you probably have noticed by now, I’m not a native English speaker. I am Spanish. I took some English classes at Highschool but basically, I am a self-learner (web, TV, games…), so I have big gaps in my knowledge of the language.

But traveling around Europe made me realize that even with those gaps, my English is good enough to have a casual conversation. I might struggle to find the words or to structure a sentence properly but in the end, people understand what I’m trying to say. And that made me a bit braver, so I started joining guilds (corps, fellowships…) where English was the language to use. And now, I am to boldly go where I’ve never been before and start blogging in English. For the learning experience and for the challenge.

So, let me apologize for mistreating the English language, I’m trying to do it the best I can. I will gladly accept any correction you may want to do in the comments. Actually, I accept (and want to read) any kind of comment except insults (no matter if against me or against any other person/group) or spam.

Probably I won’t be able to keep the rhythm of one post a day during the whole month, and I’m sure that, even if I manage to do that, coming September I will slow down. But I think that the whole Blaugust idea will help with motivation, and reading a lot of other people doing the same will help me get ideas, too. I currently only have a couple of drafts, which is a bit scary given the full month is ahead but… The higher the risk, the higher the reward!


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  1. Writing in a second language is not easy, yet reading your post, I was surprised to learn this as you seem to cope with the odd foibles of English really well πŸ™‚ My French is awful and my German is even worse.

    I look forward reading your posts over the month to come.

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