Unchained, somehow

I played Archeage at launch (western launch), and I tried again when the first “clean start” came. Both times, the P2W factor dragged me out of it.

I hope third time’s a charm because I’m back for Unchained.

Being my third attempt, one would think that I’m coming fully prepared but, the truth is, this is going to be my less prepared attempt. I’ve been unable to login for a few days, so when I finally could enter yesterday, I only was able to create chars in two servers, one faction each. Not a lot of choice, there.

The (EU) servers open in less than 2 hours, but I still haven’t found a guild (was trying to know server/faction before looking for one). Not that it matters too much, because I won’t be able to start queuing before 20 hours (CEST), so probably won’t be playing today.

All this wouldn’t be a big deal on most games. Who cares if you start one day later than others? Enjoy the ride! But Archeage has open world housing. It opens on Saturday and if you are not there, chances are you are not getting land, which is a central part of the game.

So… wish me luck because I’m going in. I don’t know how I’m going to pull this out, but I definitely want this game to work this time, and I want to be there, one way or another.


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  1. Don’t sweat it. Even now there’s plenty of available land left (not in the most sought after regions and spots though, obviously), and I’m also pretty sure there’s a whole bunch of people who are playing for the first time and will come to the conclusion that the game isn’t for them sooner rather than later, which will open up spots again.

    We’re playing for the first time after leaving the F2P version during summer ’15, and it’s just great without P2W and has much, much less RNG to boot. Have fun!

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