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Hello Blapril, my old friend

New year, new reality, and a new post. Specifically a “coming back” post (again) .

This time, it’s a come back for Blapril. Given that this blog started because I decided to join Blaugust (back in 2018), it feels like a double comeback.

Blapril (formerly known as Blaugust) is a blogging event promoted by Belghast. The basic idea is to have a month full of posts (ideally one post a day). This is a coordinated effort, including multiple blogs, where more experienced people reach out and help the newer both with the tecnical parts and with the writing. It promotes a lot of interactions between different blogs and pushes each one creativity.

Coming back during an event might help me write more. It certainly did the first time, as my main trouble is deciding what to say. I always fall in the “this is not interesting enough” trap, but Belghast provides us with temathic weeks, and people keep launching post ideas on discord. On top of that, yesterday and this morning, I’ve been brainstorming a bit and got up to 15 post ideas. I will probably discard some of those during the event, but I think the Silver award is achievable this time. On my first try I got a Bronze one, it would be nice to get to the next step.

In this new confinement situation the world is living, my particular bubble is relatively confortable. We don’t have any new health issues, I’ve been working from home for the last two and a half weeks, and my SO is still on paid medical leave. Seen how hard this is hitting other people, we can’t complain.

Our president announced yesterday that coming week all non essential work will be halted for two weeks (at least). My job is non essential (I’m an software developer on a services company) but some of my clients are on essential areas. That means that until later today when the decree details are published we wont know if I will keep doing my job or not. No matter what (at least for this two weeks), salaries will keep coming, and hours will be recovered (or free days reduced) during the year to compensate the companies.

Keep yourselves safe, people. Stay at home, do some exercise and reach to your close people (by phone or online). Step up (or come back to) your indoors hobbies and find the new routines that keep your minds working.

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