Nine months later, we got… a new post

It’s been a long time since I wrote here and, of course, a lot of things happened during the last nine months.

We tried to get Mrs. Sisen into games. Per her request, we started with Dragon Age Inquisition. As Jeromai predicted in the comments of my previous post, the control schema was the biggest issue. We tried on PS4, thinking that using a controller would be easier than keyboard+mouse, but even that was too much.

After some off-time, we are back with a mix of Super Mario Party (Switch), some point and click games on the DS and a bit of Final Fantasy 7 on the good old PlayStation, and it seems to be working much better.

As for me, I’ve barely played any online games during these months. Between hospital visits, caring for here at home and going to work, I didn’t have the time or energy. I bought us a Switch, and that’s been basically my go-to gaming. Just take it and play anywhere, suspend it any moment and take it back when you want have been great characteristics.

Now, as treatment has ended and medical results seem good, I am slowly mixing some PC gaming, and turning my head into MMOs again.

Blaugust came and went. I was tempted to come back for it this year but decided against it. Nonetheless, I’ve been following it, updated my OPML, and found some new blogs to follow. Congratulations to all the participants and thank you for all the joy you provided me (and others).

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