Still alive!

It’s been more than one month since the last post, but I haven’t abandoned it.

I knew that I wasn’t going to write each day during Blaugust, was aiming more to once a week(-ish). Even if the total numbers are there (7 posts during the month), there were two full blank weeks that were out of my plans.

I could start making excuses of how something unexpected happened, and then I went on Holidays and… you know the drill. In the end, this is a personal project and there is no point in making excuses to myself. I’ve stopped writing for (approx.) 6 weeks and I intend to change that.

In order to get back into posting regularly, I intend to make a schedule. I am going to reserve some of my free “on my own” time to write weekly (at least). Because of how my free time changes day to day, adapting to my SO work timetable, this can be tricky. But it’s doable and this week I will have something figured out.

Probably I’m going to start some “periodic” posts, that will help me when I don’t know what to write about, or the time is shorter than expected for some reason. I am thinking of posts like “What I’m playing lately?”, “Look! screenshots” and things like that. Before committing to this blog, I took into account that writing in English was going to take me more time than writing in Spanish. Even expecting it, during Blaugust I found that it took me longer than expected. I hope this may be a way of writing shorter entries, but still feel like I am delivering something more than just a “Ping”.

And with this renewed will of writing a blog, I can finally and show my (not so) hardly earned Bronze Award for participating in Blaugust 2018.

Blaugust 2018 bronze award

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