October objectives

I’ve never been one to put objectives on my gaming. Not long-term, at least. Sometimes I login thinking on a same-day goal, but nothing further except for skill planing on EVE, that goes for months at a time.

I see other bloggers writing goals for each month and I’m not sure if I want to do the same or not. On the plus side, it gives you some guidance on what to do each day, but at the same time, it may push you to play a game that maybe it’s not the one you want today, leading you into burning-out.

I’ve decided to try it. I’m going to put some objectives for the remaining of October and will see how it goes. If by the end of the month I feel that it was worth it, I will keep doing it, probably with more ambitious goals.

This time I’m keeping them vague intentionally, so I will not have too much pressure.

  • EVE Online: At least one alliance fleet each week. Probably more, but it depends on the timing of planned ops, especially on weekdays. On top of that, I’ve recently bought my first Rorqual, and it still hasn’t paid for itself, so I’m going to work on that.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Botanist and Miner to level 50 (they are about 30 currently). After that, either Fisher 1-30 (or 50) or Black Mage to 70 (67 now).
  • Guild Wars 2: Warrior or Mesmer to 80. I own this game since launch (a few weeks later, actually) but I never got a character to level cap. I’ve been playing these two lately, and I feel it’s time to cap at least one.

I am going to aim to get two of these 3, and if I end with some spare time I’ll work towards the third, but FFXIV and GW2 are in not specific order, it can go both ways.

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