Coming back to Norrath (maybe?)

I never got to play Everquest when it was current. I can’t remember when I put my feet in Norrath for the first time, but EQ was already free to play by then.
Since then, I’ve been trying to come back several times. I have a handful of low-level chars on different Live servers, and I’ve even created a couple of them on TLP servers when they’ve launched.
But as much as the “Old School charm” calls to me, I abandon it not much later. Especially in the TLP servers, where grouping is mandatory almost full time. Most days I can’t group the old way: go to the tunnel, start  spamming chat, try to find some ports, go to the camp… Before I can start killing mobs I’m already on my bed.

This periodical self-induced nostalgia has come back this week again. At first, I should come back to live, where I can use mercenaries to overcome the need of grouping, but… What if I would go to Norrath, but in its second incarnation?
Long story short, I’ve downloaded Everquest 2 and created a couple of characters.
Mmmmmmh. Or maybe… maybe I should come back to a TLP server on the original EQ. I’ll take it easy, slowly leveling, exploring… Maybe I can roll a second account on the laptop to duo?

I can’t understand why I would do this to myself. We are talking about a secondary game. I mean, I’ll keep playing Eve online, I’m fishing for a second game for these days where I don’t feel like killing internet spaceships. An on top of that, I’m feeling nostalgic about games that weren’t part of my “young days”.

And thinking about that is how I ended reinstalling Star Wars Galaxies. At least this is a game I actually played when it was current; post NGE but current. I remember leveling my smuggler on live when the news about closing the game came out. Ok, then: definitely, I joined Legends, a “post NGE” emulator, macro-leveled an entertainer and started leveling my commando.

It’s only that… although I’m not an uber WOW fan… you know… tomorrow we get a new expansion… I know, I know. If I join, I’m going to just level 110-120, do a couple of times each dungeon and got bored but… It’s current content.
Aaaaaaand basically this is what happens to me periodically, about 3-4 times a year. I spend 1 or 2 weeks downloading, installing and uninstalling a few games before settling on “the one”.

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