This morning, while I was checking my RSS reader, I’ve found a few posts (1, 2, 3, 4 in no particular order) about another blogger that I didn’t know (and I won’t link). Apparently, he (or she) was criticizing the Blaugust initiative.

Intrigued, I’ve decided to check his (her) blog, where I’ve found not one but two consecutive posts entirely devoted to bashing Blaugust participants. For some reason, (s)he is focusing all the rage on the most active participants. Maybe the rest of us are beneath his (her) level, or maybe (s)he decided to “spare us the pain”.

The bad part is not that (s)he is critic about the initiative or about the perticipants, the thing is the superiority complex that emanates from the text.

From the last paragraph:

One blog. That’s what I’ve gained from Blaugust and that blog wasn’t created by Blaugust.

You’ve decided not to participate in Blaugust. What were you expecting to get from it? What do you think Blaugust (or those of us that decided to be part of it) owns you? What are we (the rest of the world) are going to gain from your posts?

I’ve gained from Blaugust. I started writing again after many years, I’ve found a few blogs I didn’t know (more about that in a future post), I’ve interacted with other people that were in the same boat.

I know that for a lot of people that means nothing. 6000 million people in Earth and most of them gained nothing from Blaugust. But… did any of them lose something because of Blaugust?

Somebody starts a project. Or recycle an old project, it doesn’t matter. He is working on it for no profit. A group of people joins him. You can join or not. You can suggest changes, or a different approach, different dates…

But if you just don’t want anything to do with it… just let it go.

Waiting two months and then coming to smash it looks to me like a toddler that comes and destroys the sandcastle that his (her) sibling was building. I don’t have children, maybe that is the reason why I can’t cope with adults that act like them.

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