Introducing my new “guild”

Today I want to introduce you to the guild I joined in this old-school game called blogging. A lot of times I’ve thought about coming back to the game, but for a solo player is really hard. Newbie areas tend to be empty and the most fun areas are all designed for groups.

But a couple of weeks ago, while I was driving back home, listening to the MO podcast, Syp introduced a guy named Belghast that happened to be a guild master inviting people to join his guild: Blaugust Reborn. Take a look at the roster.

Now, after a few days lurking around, I decided to ask for an invite and almost instantly became a new member, hoping that they weren’t a bunch of bittervets. You would not believe the amount of nice people I found there! And they have a lot of services for all the members. Nothing of this “Officers only” thing.

  • Do you need something from the “Guild blog-inspiration Bank”? Sure, take it.
  • Need help with game mechanics? Ask in chat.
  • As soon as you get a new Achievement (or a post as we call them in this game), guildmates will teleport around your area and cheer you up. How cool is that?
  • What if you don’t know what gear is best for you? Don’t worry, there is a group of veterans ready to help you choose.

There is this idea floating around of getting a quest every day for a month, but everybody understands that life comes first and some people will play hardcore and others more casually. It doesn’t matter, everybody is welcome here.

We usually hang out in our Guild Hall (named Discord) or somewhere around “The Bird Tabern“, also called Twitter.

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