2018 closure

As I anticipated on the previous post, this December I’ve barely played anything. My SO is having serious health issues that led to surgery and we’ve spent most of the time at the hospital. She’s back at home now, and slowly recovering, as a positive note.

Talking about the whole year and back on topic, the game I’ve been more focussed it’s been EVE Online. I came back to the game in September 2017 and after struggling a bit with the new meta, jump fatigue and a few other changes, I got to a confortable routine of knowing (aproximatelly) how to fund myself again and what to do in fleets (either gigantic TiDi fights or the ocasional fast roaming fleet).

Tjörnin – Reykjavik pond

In April I went (for the first time) to the EVE Fanfest and took the chance to be for 8 days traveling around Iceland (or a part of it). I came back in love with both the land and the people. During Fanfest I managed to put faces to some alliance mates and other players and, of course, was overhyped about what was coming next to the game. The whole trip was financially hard for me but, in the end, it was worth it.

Part of the TEST Alliance delegation at Fanfest

August came and the Blaugust with it, which led me to start this blog. After about 8 years without writing, and in English for the first time. During September, we went on a Holidays trip to Malta and bassicaly abandoned it, but since October I’m writing again (even if not as regularily as I would like).

There’s been a handful of other MMO’s for me this year. I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV, Star Trek Online, Guild Wars 2, Everquest, or Lord of the Rings Online. I haven’t been particularly immersed on any of them this year, with the possible exception of Lotro, where I joined a couple of days after the Legendary servers launched, but I had to stop playing because of RL issues. If I can, I still want to come back and be ready for Moria before it arrives.

2019 expectations

As I said, I want to come back to Lotro Legendary and keep up the pace with the expansions as they launch.

As I’ve read good things about the new SWTOR expansion I will probably come back, at least for the story (probably not for the end game).

Of course, nostalgia will hit again and I will try the WoW classic when it comes. I don’t know if I will be there in the long term, but… I will enjoy the ride for the first weeks.

Out of the MMO bubble, in the PS4, I’ve barely played Red Dead Redemption 2 yet, but I was having fun with it, and I intend to try Spiderman too.

Finally, I’ve been thinking about another blog (not gaming related, and written in Spanish), but I will not commit to it unless I feel satisfied with how often I write here, which currently I am not.

Have a Happy new year!

Fireworks – Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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